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It is an urban oasis,

A cute sanctuary where

One can escape the daily predictable

Alongside poetry of coffee extracting

Light flickers through dancing coffee cherries

Aroma fills the space

Sharing camaraderie

Exquisite quality and

Precision artistry

All for…

…that one cup of coffee

Welcome to

Ogawa Coffee

House Blend Kyoto


House Blend Kyoto


All orders completed by 5pm EST Mondays through Fridays will be shipped the following day. All orders placed during weekends will be shipped on the following Monday.

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Ogawa has recently introduced our newest house blend, “KYOTO” to the USA market. This house blend was originally developed for our Kyoto Station shop opened in 2012.


“KYOTO” is a well-rounded every day blend of single origin coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.
While Brazil sets the bold body foundation, Guatemala brightens up with a hint of orange acidity and Ethiopia adds a touch of complexity with mocha-flavored aroma. 


TastingDiagram KYOTO-562x375.png

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