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It is an urban oasis,

A cute sanctuary where

One can escape the daily predictable

Alongside poetry of coffee extracting

Light flickers through dancing coffee cherries

Aroma fills the space

Sharing camaraderie

Exquisite quality and

Precision artistry

All for…

…that one cup of coffee

Welcome to

Ogawa Coffee

Costa Rica | La Nena


Costa Rica | La Nena


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La Nena Farm is located in one o the 8 coffee producing areas in Costa Rica. Produced from trees of the Villa Sarchi variety of Arabica, a selection of Bourbon, and processed by the "pulped natural" method, meaning the beans were dried with the fruit flesh still adhering to the beans. The taste varies depending on how much fruit flesh was left during the drying process.  The fourth-generation owner, Juan Ramon Alvarado, is dedicated in producing world-class coffees. 


Delicately and sweetly pungent. Green apple, lavender-like flowers, with aroma of roasted nuts. Gentle but vibrant acidity; lightly syrupy, with silky mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates in a rather sweet finish. 

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