Ogawa Coffee | USA

It is an urban oasis,

A cute sanctuary where

One can escape the daily predictable

Alongside poetry of coffee extracting

Light flickers through dancing coffee cherries

Aroma fills the space

Sharing camaraderie

Exquisite quality and

Precision artistry

All for…

…that one cup of coffee

Welcome to

Ogawa Coffee

El Salvador | Los Alpes


El Salvador | Los Alpes


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Aida Batlle, the owner of the farm, is a good friend of Yoshinori Uda, President of Ogawa Coffee USA. Batlle is the fifth-generation coffee farmer and the first-generation coffee celebrity. The farm sits on the hillsides of the Santa Ana Volcano, in Western El Salvador.  Batlle consistently impresses us with her commitment to sustainable practices and quality. During harvest, she is very hands on, participating in the harvesting and sorting process to ensure that only the ripest cherries make it through to the processing stage. As the coffee equivalent of a vigneron; a person who cultivates grapes for wine making, Batlle has been playing the key role in raising the coffee status tot the next level.


Deep, complex and layered. Hibiscus and yellow peach aroma with a hint of honey. Sweetly tart acidity, smooth, lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Richly balanced, flavor-saturated finish.

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