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It is an urban oasis,

A cute sanctuary where

One can escape the daily predictable

Alongside poetry of coffee extracting

Light flickers through dancing coffee cherries

Aroma fills the space

Sharing camaraderie

Exquisite quality and

Precision artistry

All for…

…that one cup of coffee

Welcome to

Ogawa Coffee

Guatemala | El Injerto I


Guatemala | El Injerto I


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El Injerto Uno farm, owned by Arturo Aguirre Family, is located about 7 hours drive from the city of Guatemala. Surrounded by tropical rain forest at altitude of 1,600m, the climate is ideal for coffee growing.  El Injerto wins Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence award, year after year, and has become one of Ogawa's favorite single origin stocks. The Aguirre Family is not only known for their excellent coffee, but also for their endless dedication to their community. The family educates nearby farmers and the coffee world through sustainable community engagements, delivering the dynamic message of "what great coffee can bring".


A juxtaposition of crisp and silky texture accompanied by complicating notes of acidity that range from raspberry and orange to quiet floral.  With a very clear after taste, this coffee certainly serves as an excellent "every-day" coffee.

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